Conversations – with Eric Kraus

In this video, we speak to the “head pirate”, Eric Kraus, behind El Aleph. A symphony in 100-year old tropical hardwoods – her teak finishes more reminiscent of a fine guitar than of a ship – no detail has been left to chance in ensuring your journey is authentically Indonesian. Welcome aboard the El Aleph.

Bringing together traditional Phinisi design and 21st century technology, El Aleph was built in Sulawesi, Indonesia as a unique luxury owner’s yacht, finished in tropical hardwoods by Bali’s finest cabinetmakers who spent more than 200,000 man-hours on the final fit-out.

Beautifully handcrafted in 100-year old teak and ironwood with an attention to detail unmatched by any other Phinisi schooner ever built, El Aleph offers you a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating Indonesian archipelago – and beyond, to Thailand, Burma and the Andamans – in luxury and total privacy, far from the crowded marinas and touristed beaches of the standard Asian cruising destinations.

Fully crewed with gourmet chef, cabin staff, and scuba and leisure facilities, El Aleph offers every modern convenience – from air-conditioned cabins and lounges to satellite communications and powerful battery banks allowing for quiet-boat operation with all engines shut down. Dive the rich coral reefs, anchor in secluded lagoons, and experience the fascinating cultural and natural diversity which is East Indonesia.

El Aleph offers 6 guest cabins, for a maximum 12 guests. Full air-conditioning throughout, with individual controls in each cabin. High-speed, broad-band satellite internet available. Traditional Asian design, rich, sober, sublime – a symphony in fine tropical woods, painstakingly hand polished and decorated with Indonesian artifacts and antiques. Unique among the traditional boats, El Aleph has full marine battery capacity, allowing prolonged operation with electric power in “quiet boat” mode with all engines off.