All Aboard! – Azimut 68 Evolution

This motoryacht, built in the new shipyard in Avigliana, is a perfect interpretation of the philosophy of the “world boat”: a vessel designed to be “just right” for every market. The Azimut Group, borrowing the concept of the “world car” from the automotive sector, has been able to successfully employ an extremely high-tech production philosophy, combining it with the highest quality standards and inspired by the goal of offering vessels on markets all over the world.

This “world boat” from the Azimut Group’s shipyards is a timely response to the demands of a demanding and sophisticated international clientele for luxury, performance, comfort and safety. The entire company has been committed to the challenge of mass producing 12 to 20 meter models and completely renovating the fiberglass line.

Design, using computer programs with 3D modeling, is handled directly by Azimut’s in-house R&D department, which also seeks out and selects the most technologically advanced materials and components. Interior decoration is handled by Carlo Galeazzi, while design of the yachts’ outside lines is entrusted to the highly experienced Stefano Righini. All these elements are perfectly complemented by a meticulous attention to details of craftsmanship in furnishings, most of which is handled by master craftsmen from Tuscany. The Azimut 68, designed by Stefano Righini, is a handsome 21 meter boat with a modern, captivating design that repeats the curved lines and luminous interiors found in previous models, and certainly offers more than any other boat of this size.